Are Your Friends Turning into a Zombie?

zombies!Have your friends been acting stranger than normal? If you’ve been wondering if any of your friends may have turned into a zombie then look no further. Take this test to find out if you may be a zombie.


1. Did you use to be a vegetarian, but lately have been craving raw brains?

2. Is your favorite breakfast food scrambled brains?

3. Are your favorite toys scrambled eggs and spaghetti, because they remind you of brains and intestines?

4. Does Fido suddenly seem like he would make a good late night snack?

5. Do you go to rave parties at graveyards, and end up digging up the graves looking for snacks?

6. Are you still infected by that “flu” you got 2 years ago?

7. Does the zombie death march describe your running and walking style?

8. Do you have a freezer full of body parts, just waiting for your next dinner party?

9. Did you recently survive a drive-by shooting, yet are still able to walk about despite that fist size hole in your chest?

10. Did you take part in a Vodou ritual on that Caribbean cruise you just got back from?

Zombie Test Results

Add up how many yes answers you gave to the above questions, to find out if you are a zombie, a poser zombie wanna-be, or about to become zombie bait.

Congratulations, you are still human! While you may have a penchant for zombie movies, you haven’t turned into one yet. Buy plenty of canned goods, and lock yourself in your basement or attic, so the zombies can’t get to you.

You are a zombie poser wanna-be, trying to jump on the bandwagon of the popular zombie craze. Eating raw meat doesn’t make you a real zombie. The REAL zombies will know that you are faking it, and they will find you, and EAT you.

7 or more: ZOMBIE
Zombilicious baby! Welcome to the cult of zombiedom.Your neighbors run and hide when they see you coming. You will be really popular at Halloween.

Take care,
Lynn Smythe of The Creative Cottage

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