Fused Glass Puzzle Pendant FGPP-01


Fused glass puzzle pendant by Lynn SmytheFused Glass Pendant Details

You will receive the fused glass puzzle pendant exactly as pictured. The pendant is packaged in a cotton lined gift box.

  • One-of-a-kind puzzle pendant
  • Fused glass pendant measures: 2.25″ long x 1 1/8″ wide
  • Finding: gunmetal pendant loop

The pendant is made with three (3) layers of glass:

  1. a base layer of gunmetal gray glass
  2. a middle layer of dichroic glass in shades of green, gold, turquoise, copper and peach
  3. a top layer of clear glass

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Fused glass puzzle pendant by Lynn SmytheFused glass pendant handmade by Lynn Smythe, the Founder of the Creative Cottage.

To make the fused glass puzzle pendants, she starts out by stacking 3-4 layers of glass and fusing them together in one of her kilns. This creates a large glass blank, which she takes to her diamond band saw to cut out various puzzle shaped pieces. The pendants are placed back in the kiln for a second firing, to fire polish the edges, which were roughened by the diamond band saw.

Once complete, she attaches a pendant finding so they can be worn on a neck chain or choker with magnetic clasp (available from our store). The pendants use a lot of dichroic glass, which changes color depending on the the way light is reflected off the surface, as illustrated in the the photos.


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