Ready to Paint Bisque Beads & Pendants

Decorate Your Own Ceramic Bisque Pieces

Are you looking for a cool arts and crafts project that you can do with your children and grandchildren? Try your hand at decorating ceramic bisque beads and pendants, a perfect summertime project to enjoy now that school is out. You can paint them, decoupage them, glue-on rhinestones and glitter, or even use a ceramic paint pen to embellish them. Then it’s time to get out all your bead supplies and turn your finished ceramic beads into a wearable work of art: necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. HAVE FUN!!!!

The Creative Cottage is happy to announce we just added a variety of ceramic bisque beads and pendants to our online store. Ready to paint ceramic bisque beads and pendants for use in your own custom designed necklaces, earrings, bracelets and other jewelry projects. Unglazed ceramic bisque pieces can be finished with glaze, enamels, art clay, precious metal clay, acrylic paint and more.

We have 8 styles of ceramic bisque beads, and 16 styles of ceramic bisque pendants for sale. Here’s the link to our current inventory of ceramic bisque beads and pendants: Ceramic Bisque Pieces.

Decorating Ceramic Bisque Pieces

Bisque is fired ceramic, which is ready to decorate however you want. You can use a variety of techniques to embellish your pieces including:

  • Paint with acrylic paint
  • Paint with enamel paint
  • Glue on glitter and/or rhinestones
  • Decoupage with decorative papers and Modpodge
  • Cover with Polymer clay then fire in oven
  • Decorate with ceramic glazes and fire in your kiln
  • Cover with Precious Metal Clay, or Art Clay Silver, then fire in your kiln

Glazed Bisque Jewelry Sets

Here are two examples of some of my bisque beads that I embellished with ceramic glaze and popped back in the kiln. Now I have two wonderful bead sets I can use to create a couple of one-of-a-kind beaded necklaces. I’ll probably used waxed linen to make create a macrame necklace using these glazed bead sets.

ceramic-beads-06 ceramic-beads-04