Write Product Reviews for Your Blog

bike light by LumenX
Find Products to Review on Tomoson I been blogging for many years on a variety of hobby subjects including biking, running, crafts, gardening and cooking. In May of 2014 I registered my blogs with the Tomoson promotional marketing site to find products I could test out and review. Right now most of the products offered on Tomoson give you a free product to test out, and noth...
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How-to Monetize Your Blog

Do you have a hobby blog or two and wondering how you can start making money by blogging? Here are a few tips from freelance writer Lynn Smythe, the founder of The Creative Cottage. How Can I Make Money From My Blog? I'll tell you right from the beginning, I never started blogging to make money. All of my blogs started out as hobby blogs. But, during the past few years, I've ...
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