Are Your Friends Turning into a Zombie?

neon zombies ahead sign
Have your friends been acting stranger than normal? If you've been wondering if any of your friends may have turned into a zombie then look no further. Take this test to find out if you may be a zombie. TOP TEN SIGNS YOU MAY BE A ZOMBIE 1. Did you use to be a vegetarian, but lately have been craving raw brains? 2. Is your favorite breakfast food scrambled brains? 3....
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Quick and Easy Halloween Decorating Tips

Get Crafty with Halloween Decorations Do you have any special arts and crafts skills? You can make a variety of inexpensive, homemade decorations to use at your next holiday celebration. I like to do a bit of scrapbooking and altered art projects, so I made a large 12 inch by 12 inch Halloween themed scrapbook a few years ago. You can display the scrapbook, opened to your fa...
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