White Dogwood Teacup Pincushion With Green Butterfly

teacup pincushion by Lynn Smythe
Yesterday I posted up a gallery of a group of teacup pincushions I made during my Christmas break. My office closed from Christmas through New Years, so including the weekends I had a total of 9 days off. Our office was also closed for the week of Thanksgiving and I used that vacation to take a road trip to Gainesville, FL and Aiken, SC to visit friends and family. Since I used...
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Selling My Retro & Vintage Collectibles Online

Popular Online Sites to Sell Vintage and Retro Collectibles I've written a few posts about how I'm trying to downsize my personal belongings and generally declutter my life. Sell Your DVD's, CD's, and Books Online Collectible Ceramics and Art Pottery From the Creative Cottage Vintage and Collectible Glassware From the Creative Cottage eBay - http://www.ebay.com/ ...
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Sell Your DVD’s, CD’s & Books Online

Decluttr logo
How to Make Money Online Selling Used Books and DVD’s A few years ago I went through a major life change and found myself downsizing from a HUGE home to a medium size apartment. At that time I did a major purging of all my belongings and got rid of quite a bit of stuff. But moving into a 2 bedroom apartment with attached garage still gave me a lot of storage space so I still...
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Vintage & Collectible Glassware From The Creative Cottage

Retro rainbow colored shot glass set.
Shop The Creative Cottage's eBay Store I make a lot of my own fused glass jewelry and home decor items. There is something about glass that I find extremely appealing. Besides the glass items I make, I also collect interesting pieces I find at garage sales, thrift stores and local estate sales. But, there is only so much I can display in my tiny home. So that's why I've been t...
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The Creative Cottage Ebay Store

The Creative Cottage's eBay Store The Creative Cottage sells a variety of new and vintage collectibles and home decor items at The Creative Cottage Ebay store. Shop Online for Vintage and Collectible Merchandise Our store listings have included: Vintage Stangl pottery Vintage Wawel Rose Garden place settings Hand painted ceramic tea set Silver plated platters...
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