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What to Charge Your Freelance Clients?

Hourly vs Monthly Freelance Retainer This is a question I'm asked quite often. When working with freelance clients, how do you figure out how much to charge? If I'm working with a client on a regular basis, during normal working hours, I charge on an hourly basis. This is for regular work during

Lynn Smythe Digital Content Strategist for Hire

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Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to new opportunities and new possibilities in the new year. FYI: I'm a Digital Content Strategist specializing in SEO copywriting, social media marketing, public relations, reputation management and copyediting content from Subject Matter Experts and Freelance Writers. A few of my specialities include landing

Make Extra Money Freelance Writing

Copywriting and Other Freelance Jobs This article is written by Lynn Smythe, Founder of The Creative Cottage. Here is my elevator pitch: "I am a Digital Content Strategist specializing in SEO copywriting, public relations, and social media marketing. I am available on a part-time to full-time basis and can either work with you

Write Product Reviews for Your Blog

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Find Products to Review on Tomoson I been blogging for many years on a variety of hobby subjects including biking, running, crafts, gardening and cooking. In May of 2014 I registered my blogs with the Tomoson promotional marketing site to find products I could test out and review. Right now most of the products

How-to Monetize Your Blog

Do you have a hobby blog or two and wondering how you can start making money by blogging? Here are a few tips from freelance writer Lynn Smythe, the founder of The Creative Cottage. How Can I Make Money From My Blog? I'll tell you right from the beginning, I never started

Sample Freelance Writing Resume

freelance writing side jobs

How-to Market Yourself to Potential Clients Are you a freelancer and wondering what kind of information to include on your resume? Here is a copy of the resume currently used by The Creative Cottage founder Lynn Smythe. I always seem to have a few un-booked hours as a freelancer, so I'm ALWAYS

Online vs Print Freelance Writing Projects

Llewellyn's 2014 Herbal Almanac.

Are you a freelance writer or thinking about getting into freelance writing? Should you write for print publications or just concentrate on digital projects? Lynn Smythe is the founder of The Creative Cottage and shares a bit of her history writing for both print and online publications. Print vs Online Publishing Digital