Fused Glass Home Decor by Lynn Smythe

This blog post includes a photo gallery of some of the fused glass home decor items made by Lynn Smythe, Chief Designer for The Creative Cottage. Lynn started making fused glass jewelry pieces a few years ago after she purchased a small, tabletop kiln by Evenheat. A short time later she purchased a large floor model kiln by Jen-Ken. The larger kiln has a 14" interior, which...
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Loom Woven Beaded Bracelets by Lynn Smythe

Loom woven beaded bracelet, with fused glass clasp by Lynn Smythe.
Besides making fused glass and beaded jewelry, I used to write how to articles for various craft and jewelry magazines. This blog post shows a few of my original design loom woven bracelets, each of which feature a clasp made with one of my fused glass cabochons. I used size 11/0 Miyuki delica cylinder beads for the loom woven portion of each bracelet. The clasps were creat...
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Fused Glass Pendants by Lynn Smythe

Fused glass puzzle pendant by Lynn Smythe
Fused Glass Puzzle Pendants by Lynn Smythe Creative Cottage Founder and Chief Designer, Lynn Smythe, works in a variety of mediums including fused glass. She created these fused glass puzzle pendants to sell in her online shop and giveaway as gifts to friends and family. To make the pendants, she starts out by stacking 3-4 layers of glass and fusing them together in one...
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Fused Glass Cabochons by Lynn Smythe

fused glass cabochons by Lynn Smythe
Handmade Cabochons for Jewelry Projects A few years ago, I became interested in fused glass. I purchased a small, bee-hive type kiln, by Evenheat, a few books on basic glass fusing, and a bunch of glass and glass cutting tools. I taught myself the basics of glass fusing and started making a variety of fused glass beads, cabochons and pendants. As my interest in glass ...
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Beaded ArtDoll Pin

I started out years ago as a bead artist. I've found I don't have the time or patience to work entirely in beads, so I've been exploring other mediums. I've done a bit of fiberart pieces, using macrame, pin weaving and other techniques. I got interested in fused glass and now have an entire studio filled with two kilns, glass grinder, diamond band saw, jeweler's torch, and ...
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