Published My First Kindle Book on Amazon

Herbal Breakfast Cookbook
The Creative Cottage Founder Publishes First eBook I've been writing for print and online publications since 1997. I have quite an extensive collection of recipes that I've created over the years. Every year or so I think about putting together a book proposal and sending it off to a traditional book publisher but never seem to get very far. Then I thought, hmmmm, I should s...
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What to Charge Your Freelance Clients?

Hourly vs Monthly Freelance Retainer This is a question I'm asked quite often. When working with freelance clients, how do you figure out how much to charge? If I'm working with a client on a regular basis, during normal working hours, I charge on an hourly basis. This is for regular work during the week, where my client can reach me via phone, email or Google Hangouts from ...
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Lynn Smythe Digital Content Strategist for Hire

freelance writing side jobs
Happy New Year! I'm looking forward to new opportunities and new possibilities in the new year. FYI: I'm a Digital Content Strategist specializing in SEO copywriting, social media marketing, public relations, reputation management and copyediting content from Subject Matter Experts and Freelance Writers. A few of my specialities include landing pages, blog articles, press relea...
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Fused Glass Home Decor by Lynn Smythe

This blog post includes a photo gallery of some of the fused glass home decor items made by Lynn Smythe, Chief Designer for The Creative Cottage. Lynn started making fused glass jewelry pieces a few years ago after she purchased a small, tabletop kiln by Evenheat. A short time later she purchased a large floor model kiln by Jen-Ken. The larger kiln has a 14" interior, which...
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Loom Woven Beaded Bracelets by Lynn Smythe

Loom woven beaded bracelet, with fused glass clasp by Lynn Smythe.
Besides making fused glass and beaded jewelry, I used to write how to articles for various craft and jewelry magazines. This blog post shows a few of my original design loom woven bracelets, each of which feature a clasp made with one of my fused glass cabochons. I used size 11/0 Miyuki delica cylinder beads for the loom woven portion of each bracelet. The clasps were creat...
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Fused Glass Cabochons by Lynn Smythe

fused glass cabochons by Lynn Smythe
Handmade Cabochons for Jewelry Projects A few years ago, I became interested in fused glass. I purchased a small, bee-hive type kiln, by Evenheat, a few books on basic glass fusing, and a bunch of glass and glass cutting tools. I taught myself the basics of glass fusing and started making a variety of fused glass beads, cabochons and pendants. As my interest in glass ...
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Beaded Heart Jewelry by Lynn Smythe

Green and gold heart pendant by Lynn Smythe
Heart themed jewelry can be enjoyed anytime of year, not just on Valentine's Day. This post features some of the beaded jewelry created by Creative Cottage founder Lynn Smythe. You can click on the pause button to stop the slideshow, if your prefer to click through the photos one at a time. My favorite piece is the multi-colored heart bracelet. I made individual fused glass ...
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Sculptural Beaded Flowers by Lynn Smythe

purple beaded flower by Lynn Smythe
Sculptural Peyote Stitch Flowers Created by Lynn Smythe Peyote stitch is one of my favorite techniques to use along with seed beads. Sculptural peyote stitch, is a kind of free-form technique that uses various bead sizes and bead counts. Sculptural peyote stitch can be used to create an organic, 3-D beaded effect, which is perfect for making beaded flowers. Here are a few pict...
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Miniature ArtDoll

A few years ago I became fascinated with art dolls. The first beading classes I ever taught were to quilters that were incorporating beads and embellishments in their tiny art quilt creations. Many of these accomplished women were also making beautiful art dolls. While most of these dolls were quite large, I decided to start making a few miniature art doll projects. You...
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Pin Woven ArtDoll Pin

Creating tiny, wearable art dolls is one of my many craft hobbies. I wrote about my beaded art doll pin in a previous post, so I've decided to continue with the art doll theme and post up a picture of one of my warped women doll pin projects. A pin back was sewn to the back of the dolls head, so that it can be worn as a pin, or attached to a tote bag, etc... Warp &am...
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