Make a Magic Wand From Wood

magician with magic wand
Magic Wands “A walking stick or staff of blackthorn wood was considered a badge of witchcraft and was sometimes burnt with the malefactor in the 17th century.” -Stephen Pollington Magicians and wizards were often seen traveling with a long rod or staff, which could double as a walking stick, to aid them on their journeys. The branches of the blackthorn tree was one of...
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All About Animal Spirits

Phoenix Rising From the Ashes
“To merge with the animal nature through imitation is to invoke the primal force of the god or goddess reflected within.” -Raven Grimassi, Hereditary Witchcraft Shamans often ask for the assistance of their animal spirit who act as a guardian to the shaman while they partake of their journey to the spirit world. Animal spirits are used to bring more power to one’s magic...
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The Nine Herbs Charm

Odin, Woten, Woden, Wotin
The nine herbs charm is part of the Lacnunga text. The Lacnunga is an ancient 11th century Anglo-Saxon manuscript written around 1000 AD. The original manuscript, referred to as Harley 585, is currently housed in the British Museum. Various translations of the Lacnunga have been published throughout the years such as Stephen Pollington’s book Leechcraft; Early English Charm...
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Healing Properties of Gemstones

While any type of stone can be used for a variety of magical and healing purposes I am listing my personal favorites which I like to work with on a continual basis. The element associated with each of the stones is also listed for reference purposes. Most white and pale to medium yellow stones are associated with the element air. Red and orange gemstones are associated ...
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Predict the Future with Herbs & Spices

cup of tea and herbs.
Divination is a method of fortune telling which attempts to foresee the future. It entails the observation and interpretation of a variety of phenomena. Various forms of divination are employed by natural magicians such as shamans, witches, medicine men, cunning men and wise women. Herbal Divination and Fortunetelling Divination uses various divinatory tools, such as taro...
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